A-Maze-Ing Sunflower

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“Get lost in a field of sunflowers.”
Sunflower is a wonderfully cheerful and happy flower that I never tire of seeing and getting lost in a field of it was a pure bliss! Because, of course, who wouldn’t love sunflowers right?

February 19, 2017, me and my TV Producation Team decided to feature Sunflower Maze in our Magazine Program so, I have the oppurtunity to witness and visit a sunflower maze for the first time.


Allied Botanical Corporation, a farm seed breeder and distributor, opens the first ever 2100-square-meter Sunflower Maze in the Philippines on it’s three hectare farm, located in Barangay C. Lichauco, Tayug Pangasinan, wherein more than 8,000 sunflowers are planted. 

While getting lost in the field of different varieties of flowers, joining the ‘Maze Runner Challenge’ may also be a great idea for those who want to have some fun with resting spots and secret gardens inside – picture-worthy spots that are perfect for photo opts and OOTD pictures! There are two ‘courses’ in the maze namely ‘Vincent’s Choice Leg’ and the ‘Vincent’s Fresh Leg’. The maze can accommodate up to 100 people per tour and it will take about 30 minutes to finish.



Aside from the Sunflower Maze, the farm also features vegetation wherein around 100 varieties of vegetables are planted in their field, from onions, squash, tomatoes, chili, vegetables and a lot more. Visitors can harvest their own crops and pay at the farm. They also have fertilizers and other planting paraphernalia for enthusiasts at the side of their building.


And one of the most exciting part is that there was a platform where you have to queue and wait for your turn to climb up and take a photo on the view of the area and/or take selfies and too witness the 8,000 sunflowers in front of you.

Entrance Fee: 100

How to get there?