Everyone leaves. Everyone does.

We met in a time wherein I forgot to value myself
The time when someone made me desperate
The time when I forgot to know my worth as a woman
The time when I was a big fucking mess
The time when I was vulnerable and miserable
The time when I was hurt and wasn’t treated right.

We became friends
You were the one who never gets tired of listening to my own pointless dramas over and over again.
You learned my secrets.
You brought down my walls.
You bring back the broken pieces.
You sat next to me whenever I sat quietly in a corner.

You do things I have been waiting for.
Things that I have been dreaming of.
Things that someone has neglect to fulfill.
You tell me those secrets that you can’t tell to other people except me.

I’m not perfect
I am full of flaws,
I am not even the woman every man dreamt of.
I’m not the easiest person to deal with.
I have my own insecurities and anxiety attacks.
But you accept everything about me.
My confidence and my insecurities,
My perks and my flaws,
My perfections and my imperfections.
I am talkative, authoritive, cry baby, grumpy and clingy.
But despite of that,
You treat me not just like a princess but a queen.
You looked at me like I was the finest piece of art.

I have been rejected and failed for so many times,
But you were always there to cheer me up.
And dance like a crazy monkey,
Just to lighten up my mood.
You lift me up whenever I feel that I’m not enough and worthless on everything.
You hold me so tight and wipe all my tears away.

You promised to love me even if everything falls apart.
You made me feel important.
You gave the world to me.
You made me laugh.
You made me feel safe.
You made me feel special.
The feeling was surreal
That it made me insane
That it feels like I was hallucinating.

And I was right,
Time flies so fast.
For so long that we’ve been together
Everything starts to change.
The way you treat me now is not the way you treated me before.
I just woke up to a world wherein we’re not on the same page anymore.
You were just the butterfly that brought hope in my life.
But now, you already turned out to be the boy whom I feared of being you.
You made me feel that all those sweet gestures and actions was real.
You left me with no goodbye.
You broke your promises
You broke me.
You never loved me.
You were just so good at acting like you really did.
You just fooled my heart with your smiles and laughter.
You just fooled my heart with your sweet actions.
You fooled me.
You just fooled me.

📍 Judy Ann Cayabyab


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