A-Maze-Ing Sunflower

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“Get lost in a field of sunflowers.”
Sunflower is a wonderfully cheerful and happy flower that I never tire of seeing and getting lost in a field of it was a pure bliss! Because, of course, who wouldn’t love sunflowers right?

February 19, 2017, me and my TV Producation Team decided to feature Sunflower Maze in our Magazine Program so, I have the oppurtunity to witness and visit a sunflower maze for the first time.


Allied Botanical Corporation, a farm seed breeder and distributor, opens the first ever 2100-square-meter Sunflower Maze in the Philippines on it’s three hectare farm, located in Barangay C. Lichauco, Tayug Pangasinan, wherein more than 8,000 sunflowers are planted. 

While getting lost in the field of different varieties of flowers, joining the ‘Maze Runner Challenge’ may also be a great idea for those who want to have some fun with resting spots and secret gardens inside – picture-worthy spots that are perfect for photo opts and OOTD pictures! There are two ‘courses’ in the maze namely ‘Vincent’s Choice Leg’ and the ‘Vincent’s Fresh Leg’. The maze can accommodate up to 100 people per tour and it will take about 30 minutes to finish.



Aside from the Sunflower Maze, the farm also features vegetation wherein around 100 varieties of vegetables are planted in their field, from onions, squash, tomatoes, chili, vegetables and a lot more. Visitors can harvest their own crops and pay at the farm. They also have fertilizers and other planting paraphernalia for enthusiasts at the side of their building.


And one of the most exciting part is that there was a platform where you have to queue and wait for your turn to climb up and take a photo on the view of the area and/or take selfies and too witness the 8,000 sunflowers in front of you.

Entrance Fee: 100

How to get there?



Everyone leaves. Everyone does.

We met in a time wherein I forgot to value myself
The time when someone made me desperate
The time when I forgot to know my worth as a woman
The time when I was a big fucking mess
The time when I was vulnerable and miserable
The time when I was hurt and wasn’t treated right.

We became friends
You were the one who never gets tired of listening to my own pointless dramas over and over again.
You learned my secrets.
You brought down my walls.
You bring back the broken pieces.
You sat next to me whenever I sat quietly in a corner.

You do things I have been waiting for.
Things that I have been dreaming of.
Things that someone has neglect to fulfill.
You tell me those secrets that you can’t tell to other people except me.

I’m not perfect
I am full of flaws,
I am not even the woman every man dreamt of.
I’m not the easiest person to deal with.
I have my own insecurities and anxiety attacks.
But you accept everything about me.
My confidence and my insecurities,
My perks and my flaws,
My perfections and my imperfections.
I am talkative, authoritive, cry baby, grumpy and clingy.
But despite of that,
You treat me not just like a princess but a queen.
You looked at me like I was the finest piece of art.

I have been rejected and failed for so many times,
But you were always there to cheer me up.
And dance like a crazy monkey,
Just to lighten up my mood.
You lift me up whenever I feel that I’m not enough and worthless on everything.
You hold me so tight and wipe all my tears away.

You promised to love me even if everything falls apart.
You made me feel important.
You gave the world to me.
You made me laugh.
You made me feel safe.
You made me feel special.
The feeling was surreal
That it made me insane
That it feels like I was hallucinating.

And I was right,
Time flies so fast.
For so long that we’ve been together
Everything starts to change.
The way you treat me now is not the way you treated me before.
I just woke up to a world wherein we’re not on the same page anymore.
You were just the butterfly that brought hope in my life.
But now, you already turned out to be the boy whom I feared of being you.
You made me feel that all those sweet gestures and actions was real.
You left me with no goodbye.
You broke your promises
You broke me.
You never loved me.
You were just so good at acting like you really did.
You just fooled my heart with your smiles and laughter.
You just fooled my heart with your sweet actions.
You fooled me.
You just fooled me.

📍 Judy Ann Cayabyab



Tinatanaw mula sa malayo.
Bawat tikwas ng iyong buhok,
Bawat kibot ng iyong mga labi,
At ang iyong mga matang kulay abo—
na siyang kinahumalingan ko.

Mahal, naaalala mo pa ba?
Mga panahong tayo’y masaya?
Mahal, naaalala mo ba ba?
Mga panahong tayo’y magkasama?
Mahal naalala mo pa ba?
Mga pangako natin sa isa’t isa?
Mahal naalala mo pa ba?
Mga pangarap na binuo nating magkasama?

Mahal, naaalala mo pa ba?
Mga panahong nagsusuyuan kapag tayo’y may mga tampuhan.
Mahal, naaalala mo pa ba?
Mga panahong pareho pa tayong kumakapit at lumalaban.
Ngunit lahat ng iyo’y naglaho na ng parang bula.

Itinulak kita palayo
sapagkat takot akong di masuklian ang pagmamahal mo.
Itinulak kita palayo
sa takot kong di mapanindigan ang mga pangako ko.
Mahal, patawad.
Patawad dahil tila kaydali lamang sakin ang sumuko.
Patawad dahil ika’y aking binigo.

Mahal, patawad dahil sa takot kong balang araw ako’y mawasak mo
ay hindi ko inaakalang
ikaw na pala
ang winawasak ko.
Mahal, patawad dahil naging makasarili ako.
At higit sa lahat—
Mahal, patawad
dahil naging mahina ako para ipaglaban ang kung anumang mayroon tayo.
Mahal, patawad..
Patawad dahil naging mahina ako
para ipaglaban ka.

Mahal, patawarin mo ako…


Words by: Judy Ann Cayabyab
Painting by: Margarita Georgiadis Artist



“Gusto ko pang kumapit.
Gustong gusto ko pa.
Kaso naalala ko,
Ako nalang pala ang lumalaban.
Ako nalang pala ang nakikipaghilaan
sa isang pisi na pandalawahan. 
Ayoko na maging talunan,
Sa isang laban na ako lang naman pala yung nakikipagpatayan.

Kinamumuhian ko ang salitang ‘pagbitaw’
Lalo na kung ang tinutukoy ay ikaw.
Gusto ko pang lumaban.
Gusto pa kitang balikan.
Kaso hindi nga pala ako si Basha
Para hilinging,
“Ako nalang, ako nalang ulit, tayo nalang ulit.”
Hindi nga pala ito one more chance.
Wala tayo sa pelikula. Wala.
Ngunit bakit tila nagmumukha akong ekstra?
Ekstra sa pagmamahalan niyong dalawa.”


Words: Judy Ann Cayabyab
Photo by: Anna Taut


Tigil na. Tama na. Awat na.

Nang makilala kita,
Nagbago yung buhay ko.
Yung dating walang sigla,
Yung dating malumbay,
Binigyan mo ng kulay,
Binigyan mo ng buhay.
Yung dating malabo,
Naging malinaw.
Yung dating walang kwenta,
Nagkaroon ng importansya.

Nagkakilala tayo ng walang dahilan,
Nagkamabutihan ng biglaan.
Hindi ako sigurado,
Hindi ako sigurado kung ano eto,
Hindi ako sigurado kung anong mayroon tayo.
Basta masaya ako,
Masaya tayo.

Mga kamustahan,
Araw araw na biruan,
Kulitan, lambingan,
Usapan hanggang mag umaga,
Hanggang sa makatulog ka na.
Kwentuhang walang humpay,
Murahan, gaguhan
At palitan ng matatamis na salita.
Lahat yun, lahat ng iyon, nawala ng biglaan.

Hindi ko maintindihan.
Mali ba ako,
Mali ba ako na hindi ko nilinaw kung anong mayroon tayo?
Mali ba ako na umasa akong mahalaga din ako sayo?
Oo siguro nga, mali ako.
Maling mali.
Dahil sa mga pinaramdam mo,
Umasa ako na importante ako sayo.
Umasa ako na may lugar ako diyan sa puso mo.

Landian. Oo landian.
Yun lang siguro ang mayroon tayo.
Ako naman tong si gago,
Tuwang tuwa.
Tawagin mo na akong martir o tanga,
Dahil kumagat ako sa isang bagay na wala namang kwenta,
Dahil pumatol ako sa isang bagay na hindi naman ako sigurado.
At siguro nga, may mali din ako.
Malandi din ako.
Ang pinagkaiba lang,
Ni minsan hindi ko naisipang saktan ang damdamin mo.
Ni minsan hindi ko naisipang pag laruan ka.
Ni minsan hindi ko tinangkang iwan ka.

Umalis ka.
Iniwan mo ako.
Walang dahilan,
Walang eksplinasyon.
Walang paalam.
Ako na nanaman yung talo
Kailan ba ako nanalo?
Kailan ba ako mananalo?
Pang ilan na nga ba ito?
Pangatlo, pang apat, pang lima, pang anim?
Hindi ko alam, hindi ko na mabilang.
Ilang beses na nga bang may nagbigay sakin ng dahilan para ngumiti?
Para kiligin? Para tumili? Para pasiyahin? At para humikbi?
Walang pang matagalan, puro landian.

Lagi nalang akong nasasaktan.
Teka, baguhin natin.
Lagi nalang akong sinasaktan.
Siguro nga ganito talaga ang pakiramdam,
Ng iwan ng walang dahilan,
Ng iwan ng ng taong hindi naman naging akin ni kahit kailan.
Ang gusto ko lang naman yung pangmatagalan.
Hindi yung landian,
Hindi yung laro laro lang.
Ang gusto ko lang naman yung mahalin,
Mahalin at hindi balewalain.

Words by: Judy Ann Cayabyab
Photo not mine